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Will this be the year to improve clarity, ownership, and results?

Leading is hard work. If you’re like the vast majority of leaders then you are not aware of the culture fundamentals and how to specifically translate that understanding to improving results. The work is harder than it needs to be and harnessing the power of your unique culture is within your reach.

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Leaders at any level, business owners, high potentials, HR professionals and consultants.
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The most focused and common-sense approach to improve results based on your unique culture and performance priorities. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

What challenges or frustrations below are you struggling with?

Potential Challenge or Frustration

 Potential Challenge or FrustrationA Performance Culture
ResultsFalling short of our full potential or positive results may not be sustainableAn operating model & culture that supports sustainable results
FocusJuggling too many balls, likely impacting resultsClarity on top priorities and how they are supported as a team
Ownership & AccountabilityLacking or inconsistent - clear opportunity to improve and positively impact resultsShared ownership and accountability in delivering results with the right behavior
Teamwork & EngagementInconsistent, not living up to our potentialClear operating habits to engage others and focus energy as a team (we succeed or fail together)
CommunicationPoor, one way or difficult to maintainConsistent habits and approaches emphasizing two-way communication
ChangeReactive, change is coming faster and fasterProactive, a step ahead of competitors on top performance priorities
MotivationBurning folks out and we can’t afford to lose themHighly motivated team with a clear understanding of the purpose, priorities and their impact on results

Here’s why this is happening to many leaders:

  • Popular press over-simplifies the subject of culture and the power it has in organizations.
  • Culture fundamentals are not widely understood but critical to leader effectiveness.
  • Most leaders have not learned how to specifically implement a clear operating model, based on proven culture fundamentals, to build clarity, ownership, and results as a team.
  • Most leaders have not learned the specific steps to build momentum and results as a team.

Accelerate your culture learning curve and results…

Our virtual coaching and quick start packages are based on the culture fundamentals from many thought leaders combined with a proven framework of logical steps and habits to deliver business results.

Learn from culture experts that have led numerous organizations and understand how to customize approaches to fit your unique challenges and performance priorities.

Reduce stress, improve performance and maximize your potential as a leader.

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Book PDF
184 page full color guide. Build The Culture Advantage is the “go to” resource to help drive a performance-based culture. The authors provide a framework to optimize the power of culture. All leaders should use this book to take their team and organization to the next level!
– Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
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Book Summary
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Building the Foundation On-Demand Webinar
The Culture Link, vision, purpose, performance priorities, culture strengths, culture weaknesses, values, expected behaviors, strategic priorities, team engagement in goals, building culture muscle, measures, management systems, communication habits, motivation, Leadership Part 1, building trust, overcoming obstacles, The Culture Tipping Point and more.
Expanding the Approach On-Demand Webinar
Re-cap key points from building the foundation, collegial coaching (up-down-across the organization), employee development (primarily focused on strengths), defining an effective development action, collaboration / team development (breaking down barriers between sub-groups / teams), team charters, overcoming obstacles, Leadership Part 2, and refining the foundation as you expand the approach.
Systems for Sustainability On-Demand Webinar
Re-cap of prior content, hiring for cultural fit, succession development, leadership development, refining your foundation as you expand creativity & innovation, advanced approaches (global organizations, full culture development journeys - the ultimate culture development approach), The Culture Roadmap, "selling" performance culture work to others, options to build momentum and results
Tools / Resources / Graphics / PPT's
Templates, all Power Point slides used in webinars, all visuals / graphics about culture concepts and approaches
365 Days Access to On-line Portal
Receive one full year of access to all webinars, tools, and resources – including all updates!
Money-back Guarantee
Cancel in first 30 days for any reason and receive a full refund




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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Ben Franklin

Ongoing Virtual Coaching / Consulting Option

If you are extremely serious about gaining the advice and confidence you need to deliver results then consider an ongoing virtual coaching / consulting option.
Ongoing Virtual Coaching / Consulting OptionStandardAccelerated
Month One: Accelerated Culture Quick Start Package
(Including introductory call and final review with culture expert)
Month One: Complete culture operating driver analysis of current status
(A culture expert will walk through the 40 “build the foundation” questions of the operating driver analysis to capture current status as a foundation for further consulting)
Ongoing Phone Consultations with a Culture Expert
(60 minutes)
One per monthTwo per month
Receive All Accelerated Culture Quick Start Package Benefits
Receive all accelerated culture quick start package benefits in the table above, including access to the on-line portal and all file updates for one full year




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The impact of this approach is clear. It delivers results!

“The results are indisputable and always tie back to the metric needing improvement.” John Ries, VP & GM – Awnings, Lippert

“I am deeply impressed about the results delivered in a short period of time.” Harald Kober, Board Member, AL-KO Kober SE

“We have tremendous traction across all sites and functions with the focus on top business challenges, 2-3 improvement areas, 2-3 strengths and ONE plan the leadership at each site defines and executes. Very cool!” Multi-billion Dollar Global Manufacturer.

“One of my most exciting experiences was being part of applying these approaches to transform an organization in a very short time.” Markus Spengler, Vice President – Gebhardt Logistic Solutions

“We have been able to further build on a great history and improve our strategies, measures, engagement, communication, and many other areas. We’re proud of being recognized again as the Top Spa in the Metro Detroit area.” Margot Kohler and Ursula Froehlich – Margot’s Spa

“The tailored process helped us clarify our purpose, values, strategy and operating processes in many areas . It continues to make a meaningful and measurable difference.” Linda Kleist, Owner – Identity Graphic Design

“The support, guidance, and specific business knowledge has been outstanding.” Murray Percival III, General Manager – Murray Percival

“Your consistent approach to defining and supporting our purpose, values, strategy, and goals as a team is paying off.  We are growing, teamwork continues to improve, and we feel like we are making a real impact together.” Peter VanHeusden, President – Malibu Technologies

“I found the concepts illustrated provide a framework as well as a clear roadmap for change in any size organization. The tools and resources are invaluable.” Paul Altavena, Co-founder of Connect Pay Payroll Services

“In all my years of manufacturing I have never seen a turn in the culture that had impact like our company experienced.” Mike Podell, VP Operations – Molded Foam Products