Culture Education, Virtual Coaching & Consulting for Businesses / Organizations

The Key to Sustainable Results

Will this be the year to further build ownership and improve results?

Most leaders are aware of the importance of culture but the formula to leverage your unique culture and improve results is not well-known.

  • 97% of the people that complete our one page culture roadmap are not covering the basic culture fundamentals.
  • 96% of people from a recent Strategy& (Formerly Booz & Co.) survey highlighted that culture change was needed in their organization.

There is a better way.  It’s a focused and results-oriented approach refined over 20 years of directly leading organizations and interfacing with top workplace culture experts.

Best Suited For:Best Suited for:
Businesses / organizations of any size since the culture fundamentals apply to all organizations. Designed for those that recognize the power of culture but need a guide to apply proven approaches as a team to improve results.

What's Included:What’s Included:
Education on culture fundamentals and specific customization of support to unique culture challenges and performance priorities.
 Typical ConsultantsThe Culture Advantage
Operations & General Management ExperienceMost experience gained from consulting and not personally leading organizations.Extensive general management experience with a proven and published background.
ValueInability to deliver short-term value and results.
All support is focused on building momentum fast. Very meaningful and measurable results should exist in less than six months.
RecommendationsFocused on general recommendations and options.Focused on specific adjustments to your operating model of strategies, priorities and day-to-day management systems to quickly deliver results.
Improvement ActionsAction plan focus, often after climate, culture, or engagement survey.Feedback & prioritization focused (with or without a survey). Strategies and plans are adjusted to have the maximum impact. No separate culture plans!
SustainabilityNo clear approach to support sustainability.Focused on the systems and habits that reinforce behavior and results.
Thought LeadershipOften focused on hot topics, using surveys ,and best practices.Approach is based on insights from the top culture thought leaders in the world combined with a customizable framework of common-sense steps and habits.
CostExpensive and no intense focus on top performance priorities.Wide variety of support options at a reasonable cost. A “performance guarantee” is provided with all consulting. Cancel at any time if you are not happy.

Accelerate your culture learning curve and results…

Learn from culture experts that have led numerous organizations and understand how to customize approaches to fit your unique challenges and performance priorities.

Performance Culture Impact Session

  • Improve teamwork and results with review of culture fundamentals and facilitated feedback & prioritization sessions focused on top performance priorities.
  • Engage your team, clarify priorities / plans and accelerate results with just one day of support at a company meeting or other planned session.
Build Culture Muscle

Build Culture Muscle

Accelerated Performance Culture Impact

  • Supplement the on-site impact session with:
    • Participants complete webinar on culture fundamentals before on-site visit.
    • Culture fundamentals content customized to your unique culture and challenges.
    • Complete access to the Culture Quick Start Program repository of webinars and tools for all attendees after visit.

Education: On-site Workshops and Speaking

  • Engaging and focused sessions covering culture fundamentals and the one page roadmap to connect content to your unique priorities & challenges.
  • ½ day and full day options.
  • Options to supplement on-site with virtual education.

“The only thing of importance leaders do
is to create and manage culture.”
– Edgar Schein

Customized Consulting Program

  • Accelerate progress and avoid very common obstacles.
  • Cultural dynamics managed with clarity & confidence.
  • Train culture champions and leaders while improving focus and results on top performance priorities.
  • Support is customized to your unique purpose, values, culture, and performance priorities.
  • Start-ups learn to effectively create culture while mature organization shift or evolve culture with confidence.
Build The Culture Advantage

Learn from Experts, Avoid Common Obstacles
& Accelerate Progress

Culture Quick Start Program for multiple employees

  • See individual options for high quality & comprehensive virtual education.
  • Content is perfect for key leaders, high potential employees & employee development programs.
  • Supplement virtual education with phone consultations and step-by-step guidance from a culture expert.
Rocket Launch

The impact of this approach is clear. It delivers results!

“The results are indisputable and always tie back to the metric needing improvement.” John Ries, VP & GM – Awnings, Lippert

“I am deeply impressed about the results delivered in a short period of time.” Harald Kober, Board Member, AL-KO Kober SE

“We have tremendous traction across all sites and functions with the focus on top business challenges, 2-3 improvement areas, 2-3 strengths and ONE plan the leadership at each site defines and executes. Very cool!” Multi-billion Dollar Global Manufacturer.

“One of my most exciting experiences was being part of applying these approaches to transform an organization in a very short time.” Markus Spengler, Vice President – Gebhardt Logistic Solutions

“We have been able to further build on a great history and improve our strategies, measures, engagement, communication, and many other areas. We’re proud of being recognized again as the Top Spa in the Metro Detroit area.” Margot Kohler and Ursula Froehlich – Margot’s Spa

“The tailored process helped us clarify our purpose, values, strategy and operating processes in many areas . It continues to make a meaningful and measurable difference.” Linda Kleist, Owner – Identity Graphic Design

“The support, guidance, and specific business knowledge has been outstanding.” Murray Percival III, General Manager – Murray Percival

“Your consistent approach to defining and supporting our purpose, values, strategy, and goals as a team is paying off.  We are growing, teamwork continues to improve, and we feel like we are making a real impact together.” Peter VanHeusden, President – Malibu Technologies

“I found the concepts illustrated provide a framework as well as a clear roadmap for change in any size organization. The tools and resources are invaluable.” Paul Altavena, Co-founder of Connect Pay Payroll Services

“In all my years of manufacturing I have never seen a turn in the culture that had impact like our company experienced.” Mike Podell, VP Operations – Molded Foam Products