Build The Culture Advantage is the “go to” resource to help drive a performance-based culture. The authors provide a framework to optimize the power of culture. All leaders should use this book to take their team and organization to the next level!
– Marshall Goldsmith, million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Whether a corporate P&L executive or small business owner, culture is often thought to be a soft academic subject that has little, if anything, to do with making money and growing a business. Build the Culture Advantage effectively connects top and bottom line results with building and managing a high performance culture. This is the best cultural tool and framework I’ve seen in 30-plus years in helping leaders build great business results.
– Greg Lee, President, Greg A. Lee & Associates and Former Senior Vice President Human Resources for Motorola, Inc., Sears Robuck & Co., and Whirlpool Corporation

If you are concerned about performance, you have to be concerned about culture. High performance organizations are developed when the culture is clearly defined, aligned with the business priorities, and is managed effectively by the entire team. This book takes the mystery out of culture and its connection to performance. Using a step-by-step process, it clearly shows how the two are related and what you can do about it. If you are concerned about culture and performance, this is a must read for you and your team.
– Jack and Patti Phillips are founders of the ROI Institute and authors over 50 books including, Show Me the Money

What sets Build the Culture Advantage apart from the growing field of culture work is its key understanding of just exactly how “strategic culture alignment drives sustainable performance!” This book brightly illuminates how this works through a powerful framework for understanding the work of building “Cultural Maturity.” Build the Culture Advantage sets a very high bar, sails over it beautifully, and then, to boot, helps us set our own plans in motion, organizing and equipping us to implement this book’s terrific tools in our own enterprises.
– John Stahl-Wert is coauthor of the internationally bestselling books, The Serving Leader and Ten Thousand Horses. He is president of Serving Ventures.

The difficulty in many culture change initiatives is building a sustainable and proven process to drive an organization from its current culture to a high performance culture. Build the Culture Advantage provides the foundation, template, and process to guide individuals and organizations to effectively manage this challenge with clarity and speed.
– William S. Neale, Founder of the Neale Group, Co-Founder of Denison Consulting, and former President of Human Synergistics

As a globally active enterprise, a strong and consistent corporate culture is a key driver for success which sets you apart from your competitors. I had the chance to accompany the process of applying the concepts of Build the Culture Advantage, and I am deeply impressed about the results delivered in a short period of time.
– Harald Kober, Board Member, AL-KO Kober SE

There is a lot of talk in corporations about the importance of culture, but little has been done to date. Culture is the engine of organizational performance. Build the Culture Advantage provides the manual.
– Tim Wolters, CEO, RoundPegg

Culture has traditionally been a messy, ambiguous topic for many CEOs and senior executives to deal with; yet they all know it essential for success, intimately linked to strategy, execution and engagement of their people. Build the Culture Advantage closes the gap between ambiguity and practicality, providing a coherent framework to understand culture and its link to business performance. More importantly, it goes one step further and provides tools and interventions to help leaders diagnose and take action to develop high performing cultures and ultimately organizations. I’d recommend this book to all leaders who know in their gut the importance of organizational culture but have struggled with channeling their energy toward interventions that make a difference.
– David Astorino, Senior Partner, RHR International LLP

I just finished reading “Build the Culture Advantage” – in a word – WONDERFUL! It is one of the best bodies of work that I have read on the subject in 25 years of playing in the culture space. It’s an excellent balance of a practical framework and science. One that will benefit a layman or expert.
– Kurt Yerak, President, KEY Leadership Group

Taking the concept of building a high –performing culture to a new level, this pragmatic approach served up in a field-guide model will benefit any manager or executive looking to build a high-performing team, department or organization. Once you read Build the Culture Advantage the mystical approach to culture change will be straight forward. This will be my only guide on culture change going forward.
– Zant Chapelo, SVP Global HR and OD Global Eagle Entertainment

There is much written on the topic of culture but what I like about Build the Culture Advantage is that it neither mysticises the topic nor makes out that it is easy to do. Instead it provides a very pragmatic and practical approach for how to begin, grow and develop organizations with a positive culture. It also makes clear why anybody would wish to invest effort and funds in the first place, with a very clear focus on performance and results.
– Alan Williams, Director, Service Brands Global LTD. and author of The 31 Practices – Release the Power of Your Organization’s Values Every Day

After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, it’s clear to me that the pressing demands of running a small business make improving organizational culture all too often an afterthought. This practical, common sense advice lets entrepreneurs understand how important it is to prioritize “building a culture advantage” and it helps them achieve clear, fast results.
– Michael W. Rogers, Host of the Business Next radio show on the Michigan Business Network

In my 25 years of professional exploration of the “workforce culture” space, I have witnessed a wonderful progression of integrated understandings evolve over time, to everyone’s advantage. In my mind, The Culture Advantage represents one of the very best “integral systems” business performance roadmaps I have had opportunity to encounter. It is an easy read, PACKED with information and resources, nested within a clear and flexibly applied framework that evolves as your change efforts mature over time. I cannot recommend this book enough!
– Norman Jentner, Principal, Business Culture Solutions LLC

Powerful, practical and solid advice on connecting culture and performance with confidence. Whether you are business leader, HR professional or consultant, if you apply the insight contained in this book, you’ll be more empowered to achieve your personal goals and foster sustainable organizational excellence.
– Vancho Cirovski, Peak Performance

Build the Culture Advantage is a timely and timeless framework for leaders to consider the impact of their culture on performance. An ineffective culture creates stress for everyone and undermines organizational health. The authors created a pragmatic roadmap to guide us.
– Kevin Holston, Managing Director, Holistic Consulting

To change the culture of a company is normally a long-term project. To convince people that it´s necessary to leave their old world and make a big step into a new cultural world is the most difficult thing. Build the Culture Advantage provides the template, tools, and roadmap to move an organization to a high performance culture. One of my most exciting experiences was being part of applying these approaches to transform an organization in a very short time.
– Markus Spengler, Vice President, Gebhardt Logistic Solutions

Build the Culture Advantage is the one of the best, well written and well-organized guide on the subject of cultural change and the link to performance I’ve had the pleasure to read. I found the concepts illustrated provide a framework as well as a clear roadmap for change in any size organization. The tools and resources are invaluable.
– Paul Altavena, Co-founder of ConnectPay Payroll Services

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